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The new FW20 collection by Olēnich is honest and real. While fashion is moving towards gender neutrality in clothes, the designer of the brand Yana Olenich is focusing her latest collection around femininity and offers simple, but sophisticated styles. Yana is always inspired by women: strong, but fragile, sexy, yet elegant, powerful, but gentle and creates tailored pieces to both celebrate women and cherish them.

Stepping away from masculine oversized shapes, the designer introduces clean and sharp lines. To emphasise the silhouette Yana used corsets shape: it is sewed onto the pieces to gently define the figure. Sometimes as a details on the waist, sometimes just as a subtle little touch, the corset adds femininity and elegance without being too obvious. The collection consist of bright knitted vests as an accent and pantsuits as a retrospective to 70’s fashion, an embodiment of class and style.

The color palette of the collection includes royal colours, such as pale pink, emerald green, suntanned brown and grey broken up with yellow and blue. Key fabrics are light and heavy: silk, wool, cotton and of course, eco-leather and eco-suede, which compliment each other beautifully.

One of the most expressive manifestations of the collection is a veil-dress worn over a set of underwear: a comfy bra and bottoms with a flea, inspired by men’s underwear. Women love wearing their boyfriends underwear at home and now it can be worn outside as a statement with no fear of judgement.

Part of the collection is made from stock fabrics, which support designers belief in mindful approach during production. By using these fabrics the waste is reduced and the fabrics are given a second life. The brand continues to advocate for conscious fashion.

Modern Olēnich woman is fearless and refined. She doesn’t need an approval and confidently takes over the world.




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